Folk Wall Art

Bring home a touch of tradition with Indiavaale's artisan made wall art. Made to order, we create paintings in Pattachitra, Tribal, Palm leaf and Madhubani Art.

PATTACHITRA: In Sanskrit, 'Patta' means canvas and 'Chitra' means picture. The art traditionally practiced in Odisha since generations, celebrates the stories of Lord Jaggannath, Radha-Krishna & Ramayana.

TRIBAL ART: Odisha has 62 registered tribes and over 90 known tribal crafts. Tribal artwork vividly capture on canvas the general features of their traditional economy, eco-system, beliefs and practices.

PALM LEAF: Palm Leaf Painting is amongst the world's most ancient crafts. The art is said to have originated when written communication began.

MADHUBANI: Madhubani painting is one the many famous Indian art forms. Often characterized by complex geometrical patterns, these painting are known for representing ritual content for particular occasions for festivals.

Write to us on if you are interested in a custom made traditional painting in the design and size of your choice.