With Christmas being a week away, some of you may be scrambling for last minute Christmas ideas — so what better time to introduce the amazing website Indiavaale to you all!

While I was in India for work (a future post is coming on this !) I got to meet and get to know the wonderful Tanvi Sangal, the founder of Indiavaale – a social e-commerce startup making home and lifestyle products through an innovative approach towards Indian handicrafts.

I don’t know about you, but in the last few year’s I’ve been noticing that people want to move away from buying machine made, mass produced items. Websites like Etsy and now Indiavaale – are tapping into the human desire for the handmade, for items created with a personal, human touch.

It is this commitment to the handmade that makes Indiavaale so special to me! The company launched its website (www.indiavaale.com ) in September of 2016. They work with artisans and artists to create collections that are functional and designed for the urban buyer who has a penchant for Indian arts. The product range consists of over 350 handmade products in the following categories: Silver Filigree Jewelry, Potlis, Coasters, Pattachitra & Tribal Artwork, Trays, Coasters & other Table Top Accessories, Home Accents, Cushion Covers, etc.

Aside from creating beautiful handicrafts, the company also has a social justice element as well. Most of the products are designed for Indiavaale by some artisans & artists across India. India is a country painted on an artist’s canvas and Indiavaale endeavors to promote products that reflect this artistic beauty. The aim of Indiavaale is to design original collections that up-cycle dying Indian arts and help with their preservation. To strengthen this effort, the Indiavaale team mentors artisans right from design development to final production. The artwork produced is then purchased by Indiavaale upfront and utilized for the creation of innovative utilities.

I urge you to check out their website and maybe get in some of that last minute Christmas shopping – I’m lucky to own a set of their famous coasters, which are so popular they often sell out! Their quality and craftsmanship are beautiful.


Some of my other favorite items include:

So check them out and give the gift of the handmade from Indiavaale to your loved ones this Christmas.



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