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Thanking or pampering a client, rewarding an employee, celebrating new and continuing businesses or honoring a team player on festive occasions go a long way in the organizational efforts of employee retention and client engagement. So, it makes sense to indulge in some employee and client gifting affair this Diwali.

Since Diwali is celebrated all over India, corporate organizations must leverage this day by gifting unique Diwali gifts to those who matter to their business.

Here are some interesting and unique Diwali Gifts online:


Speakers and Headphones

Unique Diwali Corporate Gifts


In recent times when people are always connected to the internet, portable speakers have become popular among all the age groups and they're especially useful for professionals. They are available in so many ranges of price, brands, shapes, makes, and sizes. An attractive speaker that can be used to listen to music as well as attend meetings forms a choicest corporate Diwali gift that the staff would love. You can also provide Bluetooth headphones that most professionals working on laptop use. We suggest you go for Pebble Bluetooth Speaker XS along with Pebble Chord-Pro in-Ear Wired Earphones for their high quality and price within budget.


Kitchen Accessories

 Diwali Gift for Employees

Here's a trendy Diwali gift idea for employees. As we are becoming modern, we're less attached to our roots. So to remind your employees about India's richness of art and culture, you can gift them products that have been produced by rural artisans available at Indiavaale. Some of them include Spoon rests, designer cutlery online, Serve ware, Chai kulhars, Platters, Marble bowl and much more. It will not only be a souvenir for your employee but will also help the rural artisans prosper. 


Backpacks/ Laptop Bags/Duffle bags

                            Diwali Gift for Employees

The next in line for a Diwali gifting idea for employees can be a good bag – such as backpacks, a good laptop bag or even a duffle bag. Gifting backpack is a great Diwali gift idea for those employees who tend to travel a lot. A good-looking and robust backpack will instantly put a smile on their face. A laptop bag is another wonderful Diwali gift because almost all office goers carry a laptop bag. You can get it customized for your organization that will have your logo and color with all your employees using a laptop bag with a common design. A duffle bag can be gifted to gym freaks who never skip their exercise time. Skybags can be your go-to option for purchasing bag-pack and laptop bags. Puma is a good brand if you are thinking of purchasing a duffle bag.


Hardware toolkit

 Diwali Gifts for Office Staff

In this quest for unique Diwali gifting, hardware toolkit gift is gaining high popularity as it sparks creativity.  This kit contains useful tools that we need in daily life but are hard to come by. With little expertise, it eliminates the need to call a mechanic for little issues at home. Hardware kit contains items like a spanner, mini welder, screwdrivers, utility knife, small drilling machine and so on. Although primarily seen as beneficial for a male employee, women too can learn to use it easily. This unique Diwali gift idea for employees will encourage them to learn to solve daily issues like fixing a light bulb or drilling a hole in the wall for hanging a painting. Taparia Hardware Hand Tool Kit is among the common hand toolkits that are extremely user-friendly.


Decorative items for show and use

                                       Unique Diwali Gifts for Clients

Although decorative items are quite a common Diwali gift for office staff, they can become a unique Diwali gift if bought from the right place. You can gift your employees intriguing and pretty looking show-pieces and decorative items that will be loved by all. Some of the unique items include pure silver cufflinks, Indian potli bags, wall plates, aroma diffusers, stone desktop sets, palm leaf bookmarks, fabric hand bound diaries, Cushion covers etc. All these items give a rustic feel to homes and bring people closer to the soil. Their designing is inspired by India's outstanding art and culture that makes these items very precious. These are easily available as unique Diwali gifts online in bulk from Indiavaale.


Folk Wall Art

Diwali Gifts for Clients

Sometimes to further business ties with clients, it becomes important for the owner of a company to indulge in first-rate Diwali gifting. Indiavaale provides a beautiful and hand-crafted solution to this problem. Present your clients a Folk Wall Art with a touch of tradition brought about by rural artisans that can be customized as per every client's taste and preferences. It forms a unique Diwali gift online that would be appreciated by those who you trade with. Indiavaale creates these Folk Wall Art in Pattachitra, Tribal, Palm leaf, and Madhubani Art forms.


Healthy Diwali Gift – Gym Membership

Best Diwali Gift for friends

 Right now we live in an age where people work for 12 hours at a stretch and completely ignore their health which leads to health hazards like obesity, high blood pressure, weak limbs, weak spine due to bad posture, heart diseases and many more. Firstly, the employer should make sure that the employees have time left after their official office hours are over. Secondly, for a Diwali gift, gift your workers a doze of health by getting them a gym membership because healthy employees ensure healthy work environment. A gym membership would enhance productivity and it would make your employees more proactive and disciplined thus taking the company forward.


Cufflinks for your Business Partners

 Unique Diwali Gifts for Employees

Diwali is an eve of gifting and celebration that strengthens bonds between family and businesses. If you have a business partner and you've been working hard together towards a successful company, then you must show your love to your partner with a Unique Diwali Gift from Indiavaale. You can choose “Firdaus” which are traditionally handcrafted cufflinks. These cufflinks unveil a rare natural stone set in 10 gm of pure silver. This is an absolutely unique Diwali gift idea from Indiavaale that will win your business partner's heart.


This Diwali, gift your corporate employees and clients what they would love to use so that every time they use what you've gifted them, they remember you. Let this Diwali be a reason to form a closer bond even on the professional front so that everyone prospers together.