About us


Paulo Coelho famously quoted in the Alchemist 'your heart is where your treasure is and you must find your treasure in order to make sense of everything'.

I visited a craft bazaar with my mother when I was 5 years old and I lost my heart to the many beautiful Indian handicrafts I saw there. Over the years, my love for handicrafts grew stronger but so did my pain for the challenges faced by artisans. In 2016 I quit a flourishing corporate career and pursured my dream to provide a contemporary platform for Indian crafts and the upliftment of artisans engaged in them.

Indiavaale - brand of the soil - is the realization of my childhood dreams. Over the past two years, we travelled to the homes of artisans across the states and witnessed the making of their crafts and the ardous lives they lead.

Indiavaale endeavors to revive and reinvent Indian crafts for the moders buyer. The entire collection of this website has beed designed to exhibit the cultural wealth of India


Tanvi Sangal

Founder - Indiavaale