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Starting at INR 3,000

Base: Pure Silver

We introduce our MADE-TO-ORDER 'Stone of Wonder' jewelry. Choose your desired stone or an exquisite set of Shazarearrings, pendants, rings & cuff links – all set in pure silver!


About 400 years ago an Arab traveller was journeying through Central India. One day the man got thirty and stopped by the bank of River Ken to quench his thirst. He drank the sweet fresh water to his heart’s content and splashed some of it on his face. While doing so he noticed a vitreous shining stone on the river bed. He picked up the stone and was enamoured by the colourful patterns of nature recorded on it. He instantly knew he had found something special and soon he could go back to his country and reunite with his beloved.

The Arab traveller discovered the ‘stone of wonder’ popularly known as Shazar Stone. Natives believe that the enchanting stone imprints the reflection of any object which lies in front of it for a long time.


The scientific process behind the formation of the images on Shazar Stone is entrapped fossils of fungus i.e algae. A fungus which is captured between two pieces of stone , produces acid or base making the stone translucent. The fossils left inside the stones looks like pattern of leaves, trees, mountains, animals, symbols, etc.

At one time Shazar stone and its jewelry became a coveted articleand witnessed demand from all over the world. In India, it could the fancy of many royal houses. Last century, a Nawab gifted his Begum a Shazar stone necklace with the 14 faces of the moon.

Unfortunately the tales of this exquisite stone got lost as time went by. The extraction of Shazar stone and the creation of its jewelry is a dying art of our country.

Indiavaale is committed to promoting this art and bringing glory to the artisans and families engaged in this craft.