Touch of Magenta Potli

The classic Indian potli bag is the quintessential accessory to make a statement with your traditional outfit. They are an important part of our heritage and never go out of style.


Clean with soft dry cloth only


Potli bags are an important part of Indian heritage and their usage dates back to ancient times. During that era, Vedic doctors used potlis for carrying massages and storing herbs. The mythological epics, Ramayana & Mahabharata also make reference to potli bags. In Medieval India, people used potli bags to carry their money. In today’s time, potlis have evolved as a statement accessory.

Beautifully embellished with embroidery, mirrors, stones and drawstrings, they are women’s favourite hand bags with traditional Indian outfits. Indiavaale has created a wide range of potlis in vibrant colours to match your outfit on every occasion. This is a work by women artisans from Haryana and East Uttar Pradesh. Each piece carries the hopes and dreams of loving artisans whose heart has poured over every hand stitch.

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