SET OF 5: Big Book Marks

This piece of book mark is a unique art work from Saura tribal art form. It is presented by a Kolha tribe boy, Shri Kedar Bagun Leyangi. He has used colours with black lines. This piece is inspired by the motifs which were used by the tribes to decorate the walls of their houses. The theme shows the power of "always together"- group activities.

Palm Leaf

Do not fold


Palm leaf paintings of Odisha are one of the most ancient art forms. They are of two types-One with simple engravings or illustrations in pure line on palm leaf and other engraving with colour filling. The design and images are etched on the surface of Palm leaf using a sharp pen or stylus like object. Ink or concoction of charcoal of burnt coconut shell, tumeric and oil is then poured along the lines, the lines are now defined. Vegetable dyes are also added to give these painting some colour., but these paintings are mostly dichromatic ( black and white).

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