Mustard Round Kantha Lamp

This lamp is a unique blend of the old and the new. It has a metallic base wrapped in an earthy mustard & rust hand woven Kantha fabric in patch work. The inner lining helps provide a solid structure for the lampshade fabric while also protecting it from heat emitted by the bulb. This product is an Indiavaale original and is a beautiful accessory to light up a corner.
17x7.5 inches


Clean with soft dry cloth only


Kantha is one of India's oldest embroidery dating back to over 500 years. Traditionally practiced by women from West Bengal & Odisha, India, the artisans weave together patches and threadwork in running stitches. The threads would be drawn out from borders of old cloth. The artisans general weave the entire cloth in beautiful motifs of flowers, birds, animals and geometrical patterns. A fully hand embroidered saree can take the artisan 3-6 months to make.

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