Krishna Raas

Krishna Raas or Raas Lila immortalizes the joyful dance of Lord Krishna and the gopis. The Raas is a celebration of the love and devotion of the gopis towards the lord. This picture has been carved by hand on a palm leaf.
11.5x11.5 inches

Wipe with soft dry cloth only


Palm Leaf Painting is amongst the world's most ancient crafts. The art is said to have originated when written communication began. To prepare the palm leaf, the unripe leaves of the palm tree are cut and semidried. They are then buried in swamps for 4-5 days for seasoning and the dried in shade. They are then stitched or stringed together as per the need. At times they are stitched after the etching is complete. Etching is done within lines using an iron pen on leaf strips. The artists of palm leaf etchings capture the themes of Hindu mythological incidents, Gods and Goddesses figures complete with details of hair style and dress, animals, flowers and trees etc.

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