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About the Arts


Indiavaale is the realization of a dream cherished since long. It is an ode to the beautiful sarees in our mother’s closet; her bindi, bangles and the silver jewelry she allowed us to borrow when we became teenagers. This website is a passion project with its soul in Indian art. Over the past one year, we travelled to the homes of many artisans across states and witnessed the making of their crafts and the arduous lives they lead. Indiavaale endeavors to help these artisans by reviving, innovating and giving a stage to showcase their art. The entire collection of this website has been designed to exhibit the diverse & rich arts of India.

Below is a brief note on each of the arts covered on our platform.

In Sanskrit, Patta means 'canvas' and 'chitra' means picture. The art traditionally prcatised in Odisha since generations, celebrates the stories of Lord Jaggannath, Radha-Krishna & Ramayana. The artisans prepare the canvas and colour dyes using natural ingredients. The prepation process takes them 5 days alone. The artworks are ripe with colourful imagery with intricately painted details. View the collection here.

Palm Leaf Painting is amongst the world's most ancient crafts. The art is said to have originated when written communication began. To prepare the palm leaf, the unripe leaves of the palm tree are cut and semidried. They are then buried in swamps for 4-5 days for seasoning and the dried in shade. They are then stitched or stringed together as per the need. At times they are stitched after the etching is complete. Etching is done within lines using an iron pen on leaf strips. The artists of palm leaf etchings capture the themes of Hindu mythological incidents, Gods and Goddesses figures complete with details of hair style and dress, animals, flowers and trees etc. View the collection here.

Odisha has 62 registered tribes and over 90 known tribal crafts. The state has a rich heritage of cultural and artistic diversity. Tribal artwork vividly capture the general features of their traditional economy, eco-system, beliefs and practices. Many tribes paint to appease their dieties. This primitive practice is being carried on since many centuries. View the collection here.

Kantha is one of India's oldest embroidery dating back to over 500 years. Traditionally practiced by women from West Bengal & Odisha, India, the artisans weave together patches and threadwork in running stitches. The threads would be drawn out from borders of old cloth. The artisans general weave the entire cloth in beautiful motifs of flowers, birds, animals and geometrical patterns. A fully hand embroidered saree can take the artisan 3-6 months to make. View our innovative collection of innovative Kantha lamps here.

Rajasthan- the land of kings, is best known for its palaces, art, folklore. The people of the desert state have forever celebrated art and culture in its myriad forms. Embossed work is the craft of artisans in Jodhpur. Their work mirrors the animated life of the Rajasthani people. This collection blends the state's traditional designs into striking and contemporary home decor products. View the collection here.

Silver Filigree or Tarakasi is a 500 year old art form. Typically practiced in Orissa, the artisans melt silver and mould small and big wires of silver by hand to create a stencil. Small silver wires are further moulded by hand to fill the stencil with intricate designs. The design is immediately smoldered with silver powder and finished with silver polish. View the collection here.

We aim to bring forth the arts of many more artisans. Watch this space for updates on our journey…